• Daily Soybean Milk (Soybean powder)
  • 360g soybean powder of barley grass flavor
  • 360g soybean powder of purple sweet potato flavor
  • 360g soybean powder of rose flavor
  • 360g soybean powder of cheese flavor
  • lotus root starch series
  • 360g lotus root starch soup
  • 520g lotus root starch
  • cereal series
  • 360g nutritious oatmeal
  • 360g breakfast oatmeal
  • 600g nutritious cereal
  • 630g nutritious cereal
  • 800g xylitol cereal
  • 720g instant oatmeal
  • 800g oatmeal
  • 1000g instant oatmeal
  • Soybean powder
  • 520g soybean powder
  • 630g soybean powder
  • 800g soybean powder
  • black sesame paste series
  • 360g black sesame paste
  • 520g black sesame paste
  • 630g black sesame paste
  • walnut powder series
  • 520g walnut powder
  • Gift sets series
  • 560g cereal gift sets
  • 630g black sesame paste gift sets
  • 630g walnut powder gift sets
  • 660g gift sets
  • 810g gift sets
  • 800g protein powder gift sets
  • 1.08kg "Healty Family" gift sets
  • glucose series
  • 400g glucose
  • 500g glucose
  • 700g glucose
  • coffee series
  • 360g coffee
  • infant rice powder
  • 500g infant rice powder
  • 225g infant rice powder
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